2. ARTificial Intelligence

11 Oct 17. Watched the film “Blade Runner 2049”. The original Blade Runner being one of my favourite films, I was doubted if the new one could live up to it, but I was pleased to discover that it does. The whole theme of robots being, “more human than human” prompted me to think about the possibility of robot artists – will robots create great art? I think it must be a possibility, but quite a disturbing one.

12 Oct 17. Visited the Mercer Gallery in Harrogate. Mainly the work of Sheila Bownass, textile designer – interesting but I spent more time studying the landscapes of Katherine Holmes in her exhibition, “Grandmother’s Footsteps”. Her grandmother Constance Pearson had been an artist and Holmes has painted in the same places as her. An interesting concept and very expressive landscapes.

Currently studying the drawings of Henry Moore and Van Gogh.

Not yet started the Drawing 1 module – still finding my way around the OCA website and reading the course material.


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