4. Drawing 1 begins ….

15 Oct 17. Introductory chat with tutor – very useful. After a discussion about my equal desire to to practise painting and sculpture (it isn’t possible to do both later in the Fine Art course) , he suggested that the Creative Arts course might be better option for me because that would make it possible to do both. However, that is a decision for later – one step at a time………

16/17 Oct 17. Drawing 1 Warm-up – Temporary Drawings.

Began with some light drawings with a sparkler. Could have done with a camera with an adjustable shutter speed, so a good camera will be a future purchase. Still, interesting results:

Light1Light 2Light3

Then did some sink drawing with liquids:

Hard to control but quite pleasing results, especially with the reflections in the stainless steel. This reminded of an accidental sink drawing made while washing out a palette earlier this year:


This one I drew on a sand-covered patio carpet:


I enjoyed that and may try it again.

This one I drew with a high-pressure water hose on dirty concrete:IMG_6355

That was fun, and will probably last for quite a while.

And this is a coffee cup drawing:


All in all, a useful exercise. So I’m now warmed-up. On to Practise 1………..

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