17. Drawing 1, Assignment 1:

18 Dec 17. My choice of objects for the assignment began with a Pinocchio puppet that I happen to have and I thought would be interesting to draw. I then chose several more random objects before deciding to create an arrangement of tools and materials that might have gone into the making of the puppet. That progressed to including drawing a plan of the puppet to include. So there’s a drawing within a drawing, and a bit of a back story to the scene.

I chose to work in sepia chalks and compressed charcoal. for the support I selected the heaviest paper I had which was heavily textured watercolour paper – I wanted to be able to mix the sepia with water if necessary and to have a good texture to hold the chalk.  I found that because of the textured paper I had to burnish the chalk frequently to achieve a smoother effect where necessary. I also used different types of erasers and even scraped with a knife in places.

I am quite pleased with the result considering I haven’t worked with this combination of materials before, and I think the composition works well. I wanted only parts of some objects to be within the picture frame, and also to try a portrait format. If I was to do it again I would select a slightly less textured paper.

Some preliminary sketchbook work:


The finished drawing:


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