22. Research – Still Life.

9 Jan 2018. Continuing to look at examples of still life I start with Cezanne, “Curtain, Jug and Compotier”. The wall behind is a large negative space, at least a third of the picture area, but textured and containing colours used in the fruit and jug………

CezanneComparing the Cezanne with the next painting by Anne Redpath, “The Pink Table” (1944), a similar picture format and subject with items on a table, but much less negative space, the whole picture filled with objects, pattern and texture……

Anne Redpath - The Pink Table 1944jpg

As a cubist example, “Glass, Newspaper and Bottle” by Picasso (1914). I notice the similarities between this painting and the one by William Scott in my Blog 20 – similar wide format, colours and tones. The objects are just flat shapes, and like the Edward Burra in my previous blog, there could almost be a picture within the picture – the glass, bottle and newspaper are almost framed within a rectangle.


Looking at this century, “Ollie Monkey” by Peter Jones (2007) is interesting a still life because it represents a child’s toy and could almost be called a portrait…..

Peter Jones - Ollie Monkey 2007

Finally, a photograph,  “A Time and a Place” by Darren Jones (2011) – an arrangement of objects collected whilst travelling, and grouped together in a simple triangular composition. This interests me because the objects stir the imagination into thinking where and how the items might have been used…..

Darren Jones - A Time and a Place 2011

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