23. Reflections on progress.

17 Jan 2018. Although I’ve made some progress with Drawing 1 Part 2, I’ve spent more time organising a workspace and thinking about drawing, than actually drawing. Instead of spending hours considering what to do and moving from one idea to another, I need to JUST DRAW and see what happens.

I’ve been watching some very good art documentaries on BBCiPlayer:

1.”Artists on Film – Scenes from Working Lives” – abstract artists including William Hayter, Patrick Heron, Victor Pasmore and John Holland. Interesting to see them all painting.

2.”Henry Moore” – John Read’s summary of his interviews with Moore over the years. Must visit Moore’s studio.

3.”Leonora Carrington – a very British Surrealist” .

4.”Francis Bacon – a Brush with Violence”.

In the last 2 cases it was interesting to see how their early lives affected their art.

5. “Making their Mark – 6 Artists on Drawing” – Maggi Hambling. Very interesting to see her drawing from a life model using a stick of graphite, so I want to try that. Some of her comments from the film:

” The most difficult decision is to know when to stop. Generally that means the moment I find that I am making a mark in some way tidying things up – the minute that might begin to happen that is clearly the moment to stop”

“A drawing can become a battlefield”


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