29. Exhibition visit – Yorkshire Sculpture Park.

31 Jan & 1 Feb 2018. 2 visits to YSP, the first day covered mainly the indoor work. I was very interested in the work of Alfredo Jaar, “The Garden of Good and Evil”. Much of Jaar’s work over the years has had a political and/or moral point. I’ve booked to hear his talk on 22 March.

Walked around many of the open air exhibits on the second day – many impressive works there as usual but I feel I need to consider why, “Arcadia” by Leo Fitzmaurice makes me feel slightly uncomfortable. It’s been in place for a few years now and consists of 4 signs that mimic UK road signs – all displaying the word, “ARCADIA”. I get slightly irritated when I see the signs, and I think that’s because I compare them with the other works there by the likes of Moore, Frink, etc, etc. and the comparison makes “Arcadia” seem unworthy of a place in the Park. It may also make me think that I don’t like “Arcadia” because I’m lacking the capacity to appreciate it.

The YSP website gives some information about the work:

“Fitzmaurice makes a space in which we can consider the function and meaning of such signs.”  – well, I kind of get it, but I don’t see it as being of any artistic value.

“In the signs, Fitzmaurice works with the sculptural quality of words; the architecture of letters.”  – really? But I suppose it’s good to get the word, “sculptural” in there since it’s in the sculpture park.



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