39. Drawing 1, Part 3, Project 1 – Trees.

11-21 Mar 2018.

Exercise 1 – Sketching individual trees:

Exercise 2 – Larger observational study of an individual tree (chosen because I liked it’s sculptural skeleton and silhouette):


Perhaps it didn’t need the added colour.

Exercise 3 – Study of several trees – Initial sketch:


Final drawing:


I used mainly oil pastels on watercolour paper for this, with some coloured pencils added. This was my first time using oil pastels as the main medium, and enjoyed the effects I could get by adding turpentine, by scraping away and by blending coloured pencils into the mix.

To distinguish one species of tree from another was simple in this case – the evergreens (mainly holly) formed the backdrop to two bald deciduous trees with very different structures and colours.

The mass of foliage and spaces between were conveyed by varying the density of the mediums, by tonal differences and by colour.

Light on the trees was handled by shading and scraping away.

I selected and simplified the scene by the use of a viewfinder to “zoom in” on the composition I wanted.

I’m not sure what I could have done better in this case. I like the general composition and   the way the 2 main trees both have a background of other trees and sky. I think I’ve achieved a good sense of depth. I will experiment more with oil pastels.





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