44. Research – Landscape Art.

28 Mar 2018. During study of landscape art I’ve been drawn to the work of many artists but to narrow it down to a few which have made the most impression on me I’ll start by making a list of 5 artists and add a sample of their work.

  1. Pieter Breughel the Elder. Hunters in the Snow. Oil on wood. 1565.
  2. Vincent Van Gogh. Country Road in Loosduinen. Pencil and brown ink on paper. 1882.
  3. Edward Burra. Southwest Wind. 1932.
  4. Graham Sutherland. Red Landscape. 1942.
  5.  Paul Nash. Landscape of the Vernal Equinox. Oil on canvas. 1943.
    Hunters in the Snow

    1. Brueghel.


    2. Van Gogh.


    3. Edward Burra.


    4. Graham Sutherland.


    5. Paul Nash.


    All of these pictures are not necessarily accurate, realistic depictions of the landscape. I think that the reason I like them all is because there is something else going on – there is a mood created or a story told which makes them interesting to study. I like pictures, whether landscapes or otherwise, that either illustrate a story and/or seem to contain some mysterious element that can never quite be fully understood, in other words they’re not boring!



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