46. Research: Artists’ landscape works done in series.

7 Apr 2018. Watched the BBC documentary, “The Mountain that had to be Painted” about the artists Augustus John and James Dickson Innes who for a period of 2 years around 1910/11 painted in the Arenig Valley in North Wales, inspired particularly by the mountain Arenig Fawr. The top 2 paintings are by Augustus John and the bottom 2 by J.D. Innes. Both painted the mountain from different viewpoints and in different lighting and weather conditions, and it provided them with an endless source of inspiration.

This reminded of Cezanne’s numerous depictions of Mont Sainte-Victoire in Provence:

Similarly, and more recently Paul Nash depicted Wittenham Clumps, a group of trees on an iron-age hill fort in Oxfordshire, many times:

All these works have in common the fact that the subject matter was a high point visible from all directions for miles around.

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