50. Drawing 1, Part 3, Project 5 – Townscapes.

Apr/May 2018.

Exercise 1 – Sketchbook of townscape drawings.

On the spot drawings done in York, Ossett and Wakefield. Some drawn very quickly The church drawing in felt-tip pen took longer than I’d intended but I became absorbed in the process and carried on with details.

Exercise 2 – Townscape using line. 

Chose to draw the Wakefield skyline from Thornes Park. The initial drawing was done on the spot in pencil over a previously prepared page in my sketchbook – it had brown and green watercolour washes on it and seems to fit the subject. It’s not entirely accurate – for example the 3 tall trees between the town hall and the cathedral I managed to draw twice! But I think it gives a fair impression of the view. Perhaps the cathedral is too dark.


I drew the same scene in ink indoors from the sketch and a reference photo using a fine-tipped drawing pen. I decide to add a man and dog for some middle-ground interest, and then I decided that the sky was too blank and added some overhanging tree foliage – I’m not sure that was a good idea – probably better to have drawn some clouds.


Exercise 3 – Limited palette study.

I drew this on the spot in Wakefield with pencils, adding blue and red afterwards. I like the composition and the way the darker red draws the eye into the narrow street between the buildings, but I think that the composition would benefit from some some human activity.IMG_7881

Exercise 4 – Statues.

For these I chose the Ossett War Memorial and the Queen Victoria statue in Wakefield. Bothe were done on the spot, with some refinements later from reference photos. I like the War memorial one best. As I drew it I noticed the cross of the window mullions behind the statue that appeared to suggest a memorial cross so I decided to put that in and some of the building behind. Although I got the top of the building in the correct place I didn’t manage to get the ground floor of the building in, but decided to leave it rather than rubbing out. I’m pleased with the statue itself, but the perspective of the plinth could be better.

The Queen Victoria statue was done in graphite pencil and coloured pencils on a pastel paper – not the best choice as it was too rough.

The process of these drawing exercises has led me to chose Ossett marketplace for the assignment, and the statue will be included – and maybe the ground floor of buildings!

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