55. Gallery visit – YSP – Chiharu Shiota

17 May 18. Went for a quick visit to YSP to see Chiharu Shiota’s exhibition, “Beyond Time” in the Chapel. She explores connections between body, space and memory. The main part of her work on display is an impressive installation using white thread connected to and appearing to come out of a wire framework representing a piano. Entwined with the thread are sheets of musical notes that are known to have been played or sung in the chapel in the past. She chose a piano because of the lack of a musical instrument in the chapel and because of a childhood memory of seeing the burned out remains of a neighbour’s piano after their house was destroyed by fire.


Shiota has worked with thread since 2000 when she wove it around her bed to gain a sense of anchoring her life after moving home 9 times in 3 years. I was also interested in 4 of her drawings which are on display, each of which include some thread woven into the paper. This is “Red Coat” 2018, oil pastel and thread on paper, courtesy the artist:


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