56. Life Drawing 24 May 18

24 May 18.  Westgate Studios, Wakefield. Prompted by my  tutor, I decided to make a large number of quick drawings of the model. Armed with 100 sheets of cartridge paper and a variety of pencils, pens, crayons etc., I timed each drawing to exactly 1 minute.

There were 3 different poses of 15 minutes, and 1 of 40 minutes. I managed 11 drawings during each of the 15 minute sessions, and 30 drawings during the 40 minute pose, so a total of 63 drawings.

33 drawings from the 3 short poses:

30 drawings from the long pose:

I found the experience challenging and worthwhile. The results varied greatly, but the longer I stayed at it, the more sure I became that something interesting was starting to emerge. There are several drawings from the 63 that I’m quite pleased with, particularly from the 40 minute session, and I think that’s because I’d become more relaxed about the process by then, and also because I found the pose to be more pleasing. At times it felt like I was drawing on “automatic pilot”, almost without thinking about it. I began to be reminded of drawings by Picasso and Matisse as I drew. Sometimes I was surprised to find that I had “finished” before the minute was up.

During the next life drawing session I intend to draw longer studies of the model, and compare the experience with this one. It will be interesting to see if my method has been affected by this fast drawing experience.

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