58. Gallery visit – The Granary, Berwick – “Spirited”.

7 June 18. The exhibition featured drawings, paintings and sculpture by female artists. I was impressed by paintings by Laura Knight and Barbara Rae, but to stay focused on drawing, I will pick four that interested me.

Barbara Hepworth “Two Figures” 1947. Pen and black ink, green crayon and pencil.

This is one her hospital series of drawings and I was very interested in the combination of mediums and the surgeon’s face and over-large hands.IMG_8439

Rosemary Rutherford “VAD Nurse” 1940. Pen, ink and wash.

I liked the combination of hatching and wash to model the face.


Elizabeth Frink “Adam and Eve” c.1968.

This is probably a self-portrait with her then husband. Easy to see a connection between this drawing and her sculptures.


Bridget Riley “Woman at Tea-Table” (not dated). Coloured crayons and pastel.

Riley became an exponent of the “Op Art” style using black and white geometric patterns, but this drawing is an early work. I was interested in her use of crayons and pastel, and the fact that it is basically a still life and a figure.


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