61. Drawing 1. Part 4, Project 1, Fabric and Form.

24 Jun 18. My drawing has been progressing but not always in the course project sequence due to the model poses in my life drawing classes which I have no control over. However, my life drawing has become much more confident and I’m continuing to experiment with supports and media.

For this project I began by drawing a blanket draped over a chair, first in line and then in tone:

Although the tone drawing has more depth it was still relatively easy to convey the fabric folds in just line.

For the second exercise I drew a clothed model from life in two different poses:

The seated model was drawn mainly with charcoal, at times mixed with water. Having taken it to a conclusion I then decided to add colour by using blue pastel pencil and wax crayon to the jacket, which I think improved the overall effect. The second drawing was done in sepia conte crayon. In both cases I think I was was fairly successful in conveying the human form beneath the clothing, but in the case of the seated figure I noticed that it was made easier by having a strong light source which helped with the modelling.


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