62. Gallery visit: Grayson Perry at Bristol Museum & Art Gallery.

19 Jun 18. Grayson Perry’s tapestry exhibition, “The Vanity of Small Differences”. The 6 tapestries were created alongside the Channel 4 documentary series, “All in the Best Possible Taste (2012) in which Perry explored three different regions of England and their “taste tribes”. The tapestries are inspired by religious art and most importantly, William Hogarth’s series of images, “A Rake’s Progress” (1733) – copies of Hogarth’s engravings were also on display, as well as prints of David Hockney’s version.

The tapestries tell the story of the imaginary Tim Rakewell, from birth to untimely death.

I don’t normally like to use audio commentaries in art galleries, but this time I used one and found it very useful – there was so much to see within each tapestry and I would have missed some key references without the commentary.

Some of the preliminary sketches for the tapestries were on display – drawn in cartoon manner. I found it very interesting to see the differences between those and the finished tapestries (which have been produced on a computer-controlled loom).

Preliminary sketches:

Sketch and finished tapestry (detail) comparison:

Detail from the final tapestry in the series, “Lamentation”:


A fascinating exhibition with much to say about our lives and class differences.

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