67. Drawing 1, Part 4, Project 5: The moving figure.

June/July 18. I’ve been making drawings in my sketchbook when out and about of figures on the move. The impression of movement is best conveyed not just by the body posture but by the drawing method – less precise and controlled lines, imagining myself in the body of the subject as I draw. Using a variety of of pencils and colours within the same scene also helps.


The following drawings are of rugby players in motion, the first two from photographs and the third from imagination:

In the last drawing the sense of speed and action is helped by the lively background which was diluted black ink roughly wiped on the paper.

For a larger crowd of people in motion I started with a similar method of ink wash and then used charcoal, soft pastel and oil pastel. The figures are mainly drawn from my earlier sketchbook figures. I think the indistinct, messy drawing I’ve ended up with gives a good impression of busy movement:



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