69. Drawing 1, Part 4, Project 6: The Head.


Jun/Jul 18.

Facial Features. I’ve been making various studies of the face and it’s underlying tissue and bone:

I’ve made copies of heads from various art books, of varying sizes using different mediums and supports:


My study of the structure of the human and head and face has meant that I’m increasingly aware of the skull beneath the skin and flesh, and how the head is supported by the spine and the muscles and tendons of the neck. I can now draw a head and face from “memory” with some confidence that it will appear in proportion:


In this 20 minute study from life I’ve managed to get a good likeness, and a sketch like this would be good preparation for a more finished study:


Own face. Here are 2 self-portraits, one done in ball-point pen, the other in 3B pencil:


I had intended to draw my eyes in the first sketch, but realised that it was recognisable without the eyes (surprisingly) so I stopped. The second sketch was done with the mirror below my eye level and light from the side, so I was looking down, resulting in some foreshortening of the face which I had to be aware of, e.g. a short forehead area.

In this self-portrait I tried to work quickly and see if I could get a likeness without much detail. I worked in charcoal and chalk on previously coloured paper and I roughed it up with sandpaper at times. I like this way of working. I stopped when I thought the likeness was there, even though I could see that it wasn’t entirely accurate:


Portrait from memory. For this I decided to get colourful with soft pastels as well as charcoal. It’s based on me and although it doesn’t look much like me – even my head isn’t that big –  I think it’s interesting as a picture and the pastel/charcoal combination in a loose drawing like this is something I feel I should explore further:



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