70. Drawing 1, Assignment 4.

Figure study using line – seated model (A1).

For this I chose to work from an earlier life drawing in which I had used a combination of line and tone, some of the line being reminiscent of Henry Moore’s technique of indicating form by using line (Blog 66). I worked in felt tipped pen after drawing the outline in pencil, then rubbed out the pencil. The life study and the resulting line drawing:

This was an interesting way to draw and it was possible to give a good impression of form in this way using relatively few lines.

Figure study using tone – reclining model (A1).

I’ve recently drawn reclining models using tone:

I chose one of these to expand into a larger drawing with less line:


I worked on a darkened paper (charcoal rubbed in) with charcoal and white chalk. Although I achieved a fairly pleasing result I think the first of the three life studies is better as an example of a reclining figure using tone, and if I consider why that is the case, I think it is probably because the contrast in the life study is greater.

Portrait or self-portrait combining line and tone (any size).

For this I chose to draw a self-portrait on toned paper using charcoal and chalk:


It’s a good likeness and friends say it’s typical of “the look” I sometimes give. I think the combination of line and tone works well in this case, and some of the texture. e.g. the beard, I’m pleased with. Sandpaper was used in places. The light was just daylight from a window. The eye is probably larger than it ought to be but I think that adds to the effect. The background is invented – I originally intended to make it all dark but decided as I progressed to that it needed to be more interesting so added the corner of a wall. The hanging picture behind my head came later.




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