72. Drawing 1, Project 5 (1) – preliminary thoughts.

29 Jul 18. I’ve given myself until the end of September to complete this “Personal Project and Written Element”. My starting point is the human figure, but in a military context; specifically I’m keen to draw a soldier or group of soldiers that will show the effects of battle in some way. This choice of subject stems from my own experiences during a long military career, and the desire to try to make images that will somehow convey what I feel about warfare from a soldier’s point of view. I realise that this is in some way a form of catharsis, and this won’t be the first time I’ve made this sort of image. I also took many photographs (but made no drawings) during the Falklands War, some of which featured in a book I wrote about my experiences. But I still have a head full of ideas for drawings/paintings/sculptures on the general theme of war. I agree with my tutor that I will only be able to cover a small part of this theme during this assignment, so I will try to focus my thoughts and concentrate on the Ossett War Memorial and use that to develop my work – this memorial featured in my work earlier in this module . This is a photo and two drawings (detail) I made of it:

I’ve dragged out one particular old drawing on a “fallen warrior” theme I did about ten years ago that I’ve never regarded as finished, and I feel that I have to attempt to do so now before I can concentrate on the memorial. This drawing will be the subject of my next blog.



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