74. Study Visit: YSP “Art and the Environment”.

26 Aug 18. Joined several other OCA students for this visit led by my tutor Dan Robinson. It was interesting to meet other students, who are studying a variety of courses including photography and textiles. We visited three exhibitions that I’d seen before but I found fresh things to be interested in and talk about.

I was reminded by seeing maps in the Common Ground exhibition that I’ve worked with maps in the past to create something and I’d like to do so again, especially since I have collection of them.

Picked up what I think may be a useful motivational tip from another student – leave a work unfinished before beginning a new one, that way it is easier to make a start by first finishing a work then moving on. I’ve done this unintentionally in the past without realising that it probably helped.

Listening to other students talk about their work space or rather lack of it, made me realise how lucky I am to have a dedicated studio. The fact that it is 30 miles from my home is a slight problem that I may resolve next year.

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