81. Gallery Visit – The Royal Scottish Academy.

10 Oct 18. Exhibition entitled, “Rembrandt, Britain’s Discovery of the Master”.

Screen Shot 2018-10-14 at 16.55.17

Fascinating – the exhibition was curated around the theme of British art collectors and their importance in popularising and preserving Rembrandt’s works.

Looking back at my viewing experience of the exhibition, three things stand out:

1. Rembrandt’s mastery of the printmaking process.

2. The detail (or rather the lack of it) in the treatment of the hands in the painting, “Portrait of an Elderly Man” 1667 (Collection of Lord Cowdrey).


I was struck by Rembrandt’s painting technique – loose and free, with an unfinished look, but very effective.

3. Self-portrait 165(9?) Scottish National Gallery.


One of over a hundred self-portraits that record Rembrandt’s ageing process – in this case he was aged about 51. Unimpressive perhaps in this poor reproduction, but I found the actual painting to be mesmerising – it was worth the entrance fee just to see this one picture, and I had to keep going back for another look.

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