87. Gallery Visit. Ferens, Hull.

12 Dec 18. 3 selections from the works on view:

  1. “Three Holes” 1963-4 by Victor Newsome. This is a wall relief in wood, plastic, fibreglass. polyurethane and lacquer. It interested me because from a distance, and viewed from the front, it could appear to be a 2-dimensional work, but in fact it protrudes several inches from the wall in places. Three jars create an internal space in something that is otherwise pushing outwards. It has a mysterious and rather unsettling quality. img_0054


2.  “Devastation 1941: City, Twisted Girders. Graham Sutherland. Charcoal, Gouache and ink on paper. I’m always interested to see any work by Graham Sutherland. This one is from his time as an Official war Artist and depicts the aftermath of a firebomb raid during the blitz on London. I like the semi-abstract quality typical of his work. This is a poor photo that includes a reflection of the gallery space and myself, but I rather like it because of that.


3. “Painting 1957” Robyn Denny. Oil on hardboard. An abstract collage that really impressed me.


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